God of Israel!

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“As Hamas’ war on Israel – and Israel’s campaign to defend itself against terror – enters its 11th day, the eyes of the world are focused on the conflict. The media is full of images of suffering Palestinian civilians – suffering which is indeed regrettable, but caused by Hamas’ terrorist tactics which include using schools, mosques, homes and hospitals to launch attacks on Israel. But you hear far less about what is happening in Israel, where innocent civilians endure deadly Hamas rocket and mortar attacks every day.”(Taken from news letter published on 01-06-2009 by International fellowship of Christians and Jews)

Where is God? Why God allowed this to happen??

As I think about the “why” and “where” God questions, I come quickly to one answer:   God is in total control. From the beginning of time Israel was God’s, then the Israelites rebelled against God and they were left to their own devices. They were conquered, taking captive, killed, enslaved, and so forth and so on. God is not a God that lies.  When God returned the land to His chosen people, and gathered them back to their promised land back in 1948, they choose not to have God among them, and that was their biggest mistake!

Well, in this country we kicked God out of our schools and look what our choice has gotten us, we have renamed God to “The Higher Power“, we don’t mention Jesus lest we offend someone, we want to be nice and make every one happy. In the process of doing so we compromise our core belief.   In the book of Revelation God says “either be cold or be hot” or he will spit you out. The world is falling apart all around us, and there is only one answer :”Surrender”. Yes surrender, that is surrender to God. Jesus is waiting to embrace all who come to Him.  Think,  we have tried everything else. What else is  left to do? Time is running out!

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