God of Israel!

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“As Hamas’ war on Israel – and Israel’s campaign to defend itself against terror – enters its 11th day, the eyes of the world are focused on the conflict. The media is full of images of suffering Palestinian civilians – suffering which is indeed regrettable, but caused by Hamas’ terrorist tactics which include using schools, mosques, homes and hospitals to launch attacks on Israel. But you hear far less about what is happening in Israel, where innocent civilians endure deadly Hamas rocket and mortar attacks every day.”(Taken from news letter published on 01-06-2009 by International fellowship of Christians and Jews)

Where is God? Why God allowed this to happen??

As I think about the “why” and “where” God questions, I come quickly to one answer:   God is in total control. From the beginning of time Israel was God’s, then the Israelites rebelled against God and they were left to their own devices. They were conquered, taking captive, killed, enslaved, and so forth and so on. God is not a God that lies.  When God returned the land to His chosen people, and gathered them back to their promised land back in 1948, they choose not to have God among them, and that was their biggest mistake!

Well, in this country we kicked God out of our schools and look what our choice has gotten us, we have renamed God to “The Higher Power“, we don’t mention Jesus lest we offend someone, we want to be nice and make every one happy. In the process of doing so we compromise our core belief.   In the book of Revelation God says “either be cold or be hot” or he will spit you out. The world is falling apart all around us, and there is only one answer :”Surrender”. Yes surrender, that is surrender to God. Jesus is waiting to embrace all who come to Him.  Think,  we have tried everything else. What else is  left to do? Time is running out!


22 thoughts on “God of Israel!

  1. Not only in the United States they kicked God out of their schools, family and community life. Though you seem to take Jesus as your God, the real and Only One True God, the Father of Jesus is even more forgotten than his son. Many people made Jesus the one they wanted to worship but got carried away by having the focus more on the entertainment and show elements trying to create huge mega churches, of which we can find many in the United States. They have gone far away from the Word of God and even do not use the Bible much. Lots of people have taken money as their god and we do not think it is like you say that they “renamed God to “The Higher Power“, not mentioning Jesus lest offending someone, wanting to be nice and make every one happy.

    It is this “trying to make everybody happy” which does not work.
    And as you say we must be careful “In the process of doing so” not to “compromise our core belief”.

    Jesus is waiting to embrace all who come to him. He being the way to come to God, but not being God himself. We must surrender to God, by giving us totally to Christ Jesus, the son of God.

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    1. Hank you foryour cmment. You are so true when you say Od has become a none essential part of Christianity.He has been put in drawer and drawer is shot, nailed, and c overed. May God bless you. Thankyou.


  2. Wonderful post and in total agreement!! The US will be brought to it’s knees because our the lack of Yaweh in our lives….It’s not going to be pretty….Many, many blessings to you…Robin


  3. And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding that we may know Him that is TRUE and we are in Him that is True even in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the True God and eternal life. _ JESUS IN FRONT


  4. Anthony, well said my friend! God needs to be invited back into the schools and the courts for that matter!
    How about into the government? Taking God out of things especially ones own life is a disaster waiting to happen…not if…when. When will people wise up and learn, if you are seeking that “thing” in your life that is missing, it’s God! The only way to fill that hole in you is with Christ! I spent years trying to fill it with Booze and other things….thank God I wised up…but only because God wanted me to wise up.

    God bless


  5. I write about politics and personal morality, but you and I both know we need God in America again – well … He’s still here, but we need to let Him out of the closet and ask Him to restore our nation. I do not think America is done yet. There is more for her to do … the City on a hill, as the Puritans and Pilgrims wanted her to be … has yet to walk fully in that calling. I also know that sometimes we cannot see the Light until the darkness threatens to extinguish it. Then, it strengthens, and glows through the darkness shredding the shadows with heavenly Light. That’s what I’m watching for … that’s what I’m calling forth in my dreams and prayers … that Holy Light to shine once again from America’s shores, from unashamed, free Americans.


    1. You are on the right path. I also believe that America not done, yet, for God have His people Calling him back. thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  6. I realize that it has nothing to do with Hamas, but that is the only answer to everything. Either we give control to God, or we don’t. Either we choose life or we choose death. Even thought God knows what is going to happen in the end, we still have to make that decision, and so many people don’t understand that the results depend on their choices. You mentioned that on another page, but the same is true with everything. We have a responsibility to educate and minister to others, but it is still in their hands what choice they make. You do a very good job of reminding people of who they are and what they need to do, so again I say thank you!


    1. Thank you for your encouraging, when I come across Gods Anointed the Sprite withing me rejoices. God Bless you and yours.


  7. Sometimes it takes a wall falling on us to remind us that we are not in control and we have to have God or we die! That was a statement by my pastor awhile back and it is so true. It was very true with me, I had cancer and knew that it was beyond my control, and when I said “that’s it God, show me what you want from me and help me if you will” the answer was immediate, and the peace was unbelievable. Thank you!


    1. there is an old thing that Shepard do in Mid-East. When one of the animals in their flock acts up and gets in trouble, they break the animals legs and than reset the legs and Cary the animal with them where ever they go and as the animal heals he also become tame and in love with the Shepard. there are times that in order to get our attention and bring us home to the fold, God need to break our legs too. thank for shearing your testimony. God is great!


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