NOTICE: This Site will BLACK OUT tomorrow in Protest!! NOTICE: In a show of solidarity with Internet FREEDOM FIGHTERS both Lorinov’s Blog and the American Nationalist Journal will be BLACKED OUT tomorrow for 12 or 24 hours to demonstrate against the US government’s continued and repeated efforts to censor the Internet and destroy our RIGHT to […]

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Links to what I have on my sidebar (via ADDICTED TO BOOKS)  SPIRITUAL NETWORKS Owner: Jason  New blog at:  TO JOIN IN CHALLENGE FOR MORE EXPOSURE  to join Tyndale for book reviews  http://bl … Read More via ADDICTED TO BOOKS

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When I write something here. I want it to be seen and seen and seen again. I want to be noticed, i want to be recognized for my genius. I am not arrogant nor Am I conceded, but i want to be known as the next Top BLOGGER. Getting traffic in blogging is very important, here in WORDPRESS getting traffic was not that easy, but Red Sea parted and water  changed to wine, yes miracles of all miracles…..

New changes  implemented and brainiac such as my self start being noticed. Yes, my web traffic has improved from two or four visitors a day to an average of  forty  or fifty a day.  I do not write like Shakespeare. My spelling is so bad  even the spell checkers throws out the white flag. None the less I get my voice heard.

Now what were the Changes? Well WordPress came with this brilliant Idea(thank you) to link the posts to Social network(Yahoo, TwitterFacebook, and few others), and BAM, flood gates  opened …. Now, only if wordpress could do something about increasing comments. Come on Word press you can do it!

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What can I do to be notice?

Every one blogs for his or hers personal reason. Universally people blog to get their point across. However most everyone that blogs wants to be recognize. Now that include me :) . I’ve bashed my brain trying to find a way that is better than the rest to bring my blog up and put it […]

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