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Keep Him quiet, Pelosi style!

Pelosi Fuming Over Romney ‘Mute Button’ Ad

Sunday, 23 Sep 2012 05:15 PM

By Patrick Hobin

Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi is not remaining mute about a new Mitt Romney campaign ad depicting her, via an anecdote from Bob Woodward’s new book, as disrespecting President Barack Obama early in his term.
The current House minority leader is miffed about her starring role in the new ad, titled “Mute Button.” In Woodward’s “The Price of Politics,” the author reported that Pelosi muted Obama while he was on a speaker phone during negotiations for the economic stimulus package, Politico reported.
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  • In the 30-second ad, the narrator says: “Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who broke Watergate, recently wrote that during stimulus negotiations, President Obama called his Democratic leadership team, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. And as President Obama spoke, Nancy Pelosi hit the mute button, went on with their meeting, ignoring the President. Not even listening to what he had to say. If he cannot lead his own party, how can he lead America?”
    Pelosi called the ad “clearly … an act of desperation” and denied that she ever muted Obama, according to Politico.
    “As speaker and as Democratic leader, any call from the president would treated with great formality and respect,” Pelosi said. “There was absolutely no situation in which either President Bush or President Obama were cut off from speaking. I respect the office of the President and the office of the Speaker, including the historic nature of any communication between these two offices.”

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The Sky is Falling!

 Asteroid the Size of City Block to Fly Past Earth Tonight

by Happening Now Posted in:
AsteroidAstronomers say that we can expect an asteroid the size of a city block to do a fly-by of Earth tonight. The rock is said to be 1,600 feet wide and will come within 3.3 milion miles of our planet. But not to be concerned – they say there’s no fear of any possible impact.

Check out these visuals of the asteroid, provided by Space.com:

Parents, Conservatives Denounce Savage Bully | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

Parents, Conservatives Denounce Savage Bully | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes.

By Todd Starnes

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Parents and conservative leaders are expressing fierce outrage after sex columnist and gay rights advocate Dan Savage unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against the Bible and Christian teenagers at a national high school journalism conference.

“Dan Savage is a bully,” said Phillip Naman, the father of two children who attended the journalism conference sponsored by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association. “When you are attacking somebody for their character, for their beliefs – that’s abuse. Dan Savage was abusing the children in a bullying fashion.”

Naman’s son, Jake, was one of the first students to walk out of auditorium when Savage began berating the Bible.


NOTICE: This Site will BLACK OUT tomorrow in Protest!!


In a show of solidarity with Internet FREEDOM FIGHTERS both Lorinov’s Blog and the American Nationalist Journal will be BLACKED OUT tomorrow for 12 or 24 hours to demonstrate against the US government’s continued and repeated efforts to censor the Internet and destroy our RIGHT to FREE SPEECH! I suggest ALL Americans blackout their sites tomorrow for 12-24 hours and join this protest and show of FORCE of WE THE PEOPLE! It’s time to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK against the Nazi SLIM ASSES in Government who think they are going to impose tyranny upon us! THEY AREN’T!! We WILL STOP them!


Starting tomorrow for anywhere between 12 and 24 hours numerous Internet sites are planning to blackout globally in a demonstration against Internet Censorship. This means when you go to these sites tomorrow you will see NOTHING! Among those planning to be a part of this global protest are Wikipedia, Inforwars, Twitter, Reddit. Several social networking sites and news sites have indicated they may join the protest as well tomorrow.

This protest is against Internet Censorship and against the US governments repeated attempts to censor the Internet in America and curtail free speech. It is a show of support for an Open Internet and FREE SPEECH!

THERE IS A WORDPRESS PLUGIN FOR BLACKING OUT TOMORROW that you can download to your blog from WordPress.  It’s called “Simple Stop SOPA.”  It will display a message explaining why your blog has blacked out and show a video about censorship.  It will blackout your site from 8am to 8pm local time tomorrow.  It can be found at:


Rather than doing that I’m going to set this blog up tomorrow on its own black out.  No new posts and no comments will be allowed for 12-24 hours tomorrow on this blog.  I’m going to post the censorship video with a message about the black out tomorrow.






‘Terror Tweet’ Causes 26 Vehicular Accidents (via Plato on-line)

'Terror Tweet' Causes 26 Vehicular Accidents If you're afraid of making terror jokes in airports, don't do it in Twitter too. Two Mexicans are now facing 30 years in jail for their 'terror tweets'. Question: What's wrong with that? Answer (don't laugh now): They're getting blamed for sowing panic in lawless nation! Lol -AP   Investors Now the Real Heroes EJ Dionne: Today should really be called 'Capital Day' Considering how firms like Gibson Guitar are being politically persecuted, tha … Read More

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Coming October 2012: “BarackO” The Movie (via Voting American)

Coming October 2012:  "BarackO"  The Movie BarackO Preview Have we learned nothing from, The Movies? If we don't learn from History we are Doomed to Repeat it See the Incredible Journey from Chicago to DC The Suspenseful Thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat Adventure and Intrigue Brace yourself for the Shocking Ending See the Oscar Winning Performance in 3D Advance Sale Tickets are available t … Read More

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Liberal Democrat Flee Bagger Union Thuggery Loses Big Time once again in Wisconsin (via Voting American)

Liberal Democrat Flee Bagger Union Thuggery Loses Big Time once again in Wisconsin Wisconsin GOP Holds Off Democrats in Recall Elections Madison – Republicans held onto control of the Wisconsin Senate on Tuesday, defeating four Democratic challengers in a recall election despite an intense political backlash against GOP support for Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to curb public employees’ union rights. Fueled by millions of dollars from national labor groups, the attempt to remove GOP incumbents served as both a referendum on Walker … Read More

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