Here is another great report on Obama’s handy work! Egypt: Ayman Zawahiri’s Brother Leads Jihadi Protest Against Military According to Egypt’s Al Ahram, “Major Egyptian Islamist parties and groups—including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafist Calling and Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya—have issued calls for a Tahrir Square demonstration on Friday under the banner of ‘Saving the revolution.’ … […]

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Here is The Arab Spring for you!

Egyptian parliament votes unanimously in favor of expelling Israeli ambassador, describes Israel as “number one enemy” As long as the military has veto power, the vote is symbolic, but the language of the resolution points to things to come. “Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament votes in support of expelling Israel’s ambassador,” from the Associated Press, March 12: […]

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Islam At Its Best!

Last year Nobama enticed the Arab spring, and by doing so pulled back and let Mubarak’s regime  to go under. At the time Obama’s action towered one of key allies in mid-east made no sense at all, well that was till Islam showed its true color! Egypt: Muslims attempt to purge village near Alexandria of […]

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Your Tax Dollers at work!

Parents be happy and send your children to study in Egypt, you might ask why? well read the following: U.S. Universities Team Up with the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar Posted by Ryan Mauro On February – 7 – 2012 The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report is bringing attention to how a group of U.S. universities […]

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I told you so!

Saturday June 25th 2011, as you are about to do your “Normal things you do in every Saturday,” remember the following can and will and is happening here in USA, make no mistake we are being over run by a very smart enemy .America is being  conquered from within. Islam murders 3000+ and we reward […]

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