Are You Out of Your Mind?

When one is totally out of touch with reality and the only thing they see is their own agenda and want to implement anarchy, this is what they will say, read the followings and  you too will scream: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Obama: Job Losses Prove Stimulus Worked Monday, July 11, 2011 By […]

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Paul Rayn Answers Obama

When you hear people like Paul Rayn speak, you know there is still hope for the Republic. President Obama, the president of transparency and open government spoke today and really embarrassed himself and the nation. Throughout his speech not once he looked at camera. He looked either to the left or to the right. In […]

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Pocket Change!

Insider Report from Obamacare Will Cost States $118 Billion The healthcare reform bill passed last year will cost states at least an additional $118.04 billion through 2023 due to their increased Medicaid costs, according to a new congressional report. That’s nearly double the Congressional Budget Office‘s recent estimate of $60 billion through 2021. “The […]

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