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Congressman said he would not resign, WHY THE HELL NOT??

In a post titled ” I Did Not Have Sex With……, Oh Wait that was Another Democrat!” I wrote the followings ” Weiner will continue to deny and will go on saying he will not talk about it anymore for he need to get back to peoples business. All I can say to him is ” Twaddle !”, well folks was I right or was I right.” As I watched the vessel of man shed tears and try to be so hurt by his own actions, I could not but feel sorry for his wife and the people that trusted this Vessel and voted him for office 7 times. He will continue his claim of seeing the light of repentance, and most likely will not resign which is the right and honorable thing to do, at this time it does not matter tome any  more for this is the trend of any Democrat, once they get the foot hold in the office the only way to get them out is wait for retirement. Where are the Democrats screamers? Why any from the left is not demanding this lire, cheater two face vessel to resign? My question is why the Republicans allow this to go on?

Rep. Weiner Admits to Sending Lewd Twitter Photo, Acknowledges Other Explicit Conversations

Published June 06, 2011


Jan. 6: Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., testifies before the House Rules Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington.


Jan. 6: Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., testifies before the House Rules Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington.


Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., admitted Monday that he sent a lewd photo to a woman over Twitter after initially claiming he was hacked. Saying he is “deeply ashamed,” he also said he’s had explicit conversations with six women over the last three years, some of which occurred after he got married in 2010. 

But the seven-term congressman said he would not resign, expressing hope that he could win back the trust of his constituents. 

“This was me doing a dumb thing and doing it repeatedly and then lying about it,” Weiner said. “And that’s all there is.” 

The congressman got choked up several times as he delivered his remarks and afterward took questions from the media, particularly as he discussed his wife — Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He said he has apologized to his wife and, though she was not present at the press conference, said they have “no intention of splitting up.” He said she was “not happy” about his actions. 

After a week of denials, Weiner opened up the press conference by saying he takes “full responsibility” for his actions. “I have made terrible mistakes that have hurt the people I care about the most and am deeply sorry,” Weiner said. 

The controversy erupted last week after a photo of somebody’s bulging underwear was sent from his Twitter account to a Seattle college student. Weiner, who was frequently combative with reporters last week as they inquired about the image, repeatedly maintained he was hacked, though he wouldn’t confirm whether the photo was an image of him. 

Taking the podium on Monday, Weiner spoke far more bluntly. 

“The picture was of me and I sent it,” he said, adding that he sent it as a “joke.” 

Trying to explain his mindset, Weiner said that he has “not been honest” with himself. He said he was “embarrassed” and “humiliated” and was trying to protect himself and his wife, so he made up a story about being hacked. 

The admission came as news outlets and websites began to report on other racy and explicit messages and photos from Weiner’s account to other women. 

The website, which published the underwear photo that touched off the controversy. published another photo of a man’s shirtless torso supposedly sent May 20 from a Yahoo! email address to somebody described only as a “young woman.” The woman said that the email was an alternate email address for Weiner. The website did not identify the recipient. It posted additional shirtless photos claiming they were associated with that account. 

The entertainment website also reported that a middle-aged woman from Nevada was claiming to have 200 explicit messages from Weiner via a Facebook account. It is not clear whether the two sites were referring to the same woman. 

Weiner addressed his actions at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City Monday afternoon. However, publisher Andrew Breitbart unexpectedly took to the podium first to answer questions and criticize both Weiner and the media’s coverage of the story. 

“I want to hear the truth from Congressman Weiner,” Breitbart told reporters. He also said he wants an “apology” from Weiner for allegedly pushing a “blame-the-messenger strategy.” 

Breitbart said the photos his website published appear to be Weiner. 

“He’s in very good shape,” he said. 

Weiner later said he offered his apology to Breitbart. He also said he regrets not telling the truth to the media and members of his staff. also claimed that Weiner sent the “young woman” the underwear photo two days prior to the chest pictures. The site claimed another image was sent May 18 to the young woman, but did not publish it — describing it as “extremely graphic” and leaving “nothing to the imagination.” All this would have occurred before the Twitter incident May 27, when the underwear photo was sent to a Seattle college student and then quickly deleted. 

The college student said she did not know Weiner personally but followed his Twitter account. 

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The scary part, this woman was elected to office!

Democrat: Non-Energy-Producing States Shouldn’t Complain About High Gas Prices

Thursday, May 12, 2011
By Susan Jones

Mary LandrieuSen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) (AP File Photo)

( – A U.S. senator — a Democrat – is taking a strong stand against a bill introduced by a fellow Democrat that would end energy subsidies for big oil companies.

In a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday, Sen. Mary Landrieu, from the oil-producing state of Louisiana, said the bill introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) targets an industry that supports 9.2 million jobs and contributes more than 7.7 percent to U.S. gross domestic product.

Ending energy subsidies for oil and gas companies, she said, will not reduce gas prices, but it will eliminate jobs.

Landrieu also took a swipe at states such as Michigan that produce no energy of their own: “There are a lot of states that don’t produce, don’t conserve, aren’t efficient, and all they want to do is yell about high gas prices,” she said.

“I’ll tell you, if we passed a law that said every state in America had to produce the energy it needed, we’d have an energy policy all right,” Landrieu said.

“Just like in the old days, if you wanted food, you produced it. Every state in America, all 50, if you consume energy, you need to produce something. You can produce it by wind, you could produce it by hydro, you could produce it by nuclear, you could stop driving all your automobiles and everybody walk. You could give everybody a bicycle — we don’t care.”

Landrieu noted that Louisiana, on the other hand, is doing a great job in providing for itself:

“We produce enough energy for everybody in our state, what we need — and we export it to everyone else in America that needs it. And what do we get? We get bills like this (the Menendez bill) that go after, directly, the big companies in our state, that work in our states, to somehow put them in a position to make them feel like they’re not really good companies, they’re not American companies, they don’t pay tax, they get all these subsidies. I’m going to read into the record what taxes they pay. It’s going to surprise you. And then on top of that, we get moratoriums. We get ‘permitoriums.’ We can’t even drill for the oil we have. We can’t even look for the oil we might have.”

Sen. Landrieu said her constituents ask her — since Louisiana produces so much energy for the country — why are Louisianans paying $4 a gallon for gasoline?

Oil producing states should be helped to produce more, she said: “But we get shut down by bureaucracy, moratoriums, permitoriums, rules, regulations, EPA, refuges…”

Landrieu said U.S. oil and natural gas companies pay more than $86 million to the federal government in both income taxes and production fees every day. In addition, she said, since 2000, the oil and gas industry has invested almost $1.7 trillion in U.S. capital projects to advance all forms of energy, including alternatives, while reducing the industry’s environmental footprint.

As for energy subsidies — Landrieu said it might surprise American taxpayers to know that of the $16.6 billion spent on U.S. energy subsidies over the course of one year, oil and gas subsidies account for less than 13 percent of the total, while renewable fuels, such as refined coal, nuclear, solar and hydro, account for more than 85 percent.

“You would think, because of this (Menendez) bill, that the big oil and gas companies are getting all the subsidies, making all the profits, paying no taxes, and the rest are suffering. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Landrieu said.

Jan Brewer

You can say a lot of things about Governor Brewer, however one should add to those things that she is Patriotic and courage’s American. God bless this The USA, and People like Jan Brewer!  

Brewer Signs Bill Giving Tea Party-Backed Flag Same Status as U.S. Flag

Published April 19, 2011

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law this week a bill that prevents homeowners associations from banning the black-on-yellow Gadsden flags — the Tea Party-favored banners displaying the coiled rattlesnake and “Don’t Tread on Me” message.

Under the new law, the flag has the same protected status as the American flag, the flags of any military branch, the state flag, the POW-MIA flag and the flag of any Arizona Indian nation. But homeowners associations can still prohibit residents from flying more than two flags at once and restrict a flag pole to the height of the resident’s roof.

Jan Brewer
Image via Wikipedia

The flag is named after American statesman Christopher Gadsden who designed it in 1775. It was originally used by the U.S. Marine Corps during the American Revolution and was meant to represent the 13 original colonies and their battle for independence from the British monarchy. Since then, it has been reintroduced by numerous groups as a symbol of American patriotism. The Tea Party movement is the latest group to adopt the flag for its message against big government.

The flag became a flashpoint in Arizona last summer after a suburban Phoenix homeowner refused to bow to his homeowners association’s demands that he remove his flag within 10 days for face a $25 fine. Andy McDonel of Leveen, Ariz., said he wouldn’t take his flag down unless a judge ordered him to.

During debate in the Arizona Legislature, critics of the bill said support for the flag was a slippery slope.

“Are we next year going to be voting to allow our peace sign flag to be allowed,” Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego said, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

But Republican Rep. David Gowan rejected that argument.

“The Tea Party may use the flag. But it is a United States flag,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.
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