Ron Paul Arrested By TSA! “Police State? Really?”

Wake up America! Ron Paul Slams “Out Of Control Police State” After Rand Paul Detained By TSA Congressman renews his call to abolish agency that “gropes and grabs” Americans Steve Watson January 23, 2012 GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement on his campaign website this afternoon, following his son Rand’s treatment at […]

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What is changed?

OK, Here are two Announcements coming out of the same mouth. The first is some times ago, and the second is now. The Question is what is changed? Barack Obama to release up to 2,000 photographs of prisoner abuse President Barack Obama is to release up to 2,000 photographs of alleged abuse at American prisons […]

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Who is Mourning Osama?!

Let’s see who is happy and who is sad about the Islamic Devil-Osama Bin Laden demise. Today America is rejoicing. Last night Justice was served by Navy Seals and may God bless and continue protecting these courage’s American. Now let’s see who is not happy?  Top Al Qaeda Thinker Condemns Bin Laden Killing, Vows Revenge […]

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Here goes another denial smear tactic from the Anointed one Obama. Why would the President release his Real Birth Certificate? Maybe because he DOSE NOT HAVE ONE at least one issued by US Government. The left plays it as “you are crazy if you ask and some from the right show their true skin by […]

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O-BA-MA (He is with us, In Farsi)

Is Sarah Palin Running for President? According to Franklin Graham she is not. Than the $64000 question is who? Who is strong enough, experience enough, likeable enough to dethrone Majesty Obama? Despite the instability our economy, the Majesty is in full re-election mode, the  anointed one is already counting his campaign Dollars. Franklin Graham: Palin […]

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YUo, You Shut up!

Here is Another great News as a result of Obama in the White House! Dollar plunges to 2½-year low By Peter Garnham Published: April 21 2011 12:30 | Last updated: April 21 2011 12:30 The dollar dropped to its lowest level in more than two-and-a-half years on Thursday as buoyant risk appetite prompted investors to […]

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