O-BA-MA (He is with us, In Farsi)

Is Sarah Palin Running for President? According to Franklin Graham she is not. Than the $64000 question is who? Who is strong enough, experience enough, likeable enough to dethrone Majesty Obama? Despite the instability our economy, the Majesty is in full re-election mode, the  anointed one is already counting his campaign Dollars. Franklin Graham: Palin […]

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Obama Nation or Not?

Where have you been born Mr. Obama? That is a question which has been taunting Obama long before he was elected President, and to add to this mystery, Obama refuses to release the real birth certificate thus fueling the conspiracy theorists and consequently creating a movement called the “Birthers.” In recent weeks Donald Trump brought […]

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FEMA CAMPS=MARSHAL LAW, Google REX84 (via Village of the Banned)[MUST READ]

A NEED TO KNOW FOR ALL AMERICANS. AMERICA IS IN GRAVE DANGER. WAKE UP , WAKE UP, WAKE UP AMERICA. You have to decide for yourself From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, is a contingency plan developed by the United States federal government to suspend […]

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