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O-BA-MA (He is with us, In Farsi)

Is Sarah Palin Running for President? According to Franklin Graham she is not. Than the $64000 question is who? Who is strong enough, experience enough, likeable enough to dethrone Majesty Obama? Despite the instability our economy, the Majesty is in full re-election mode, the  anointed one is already counting his campaign Dollars.

Franklin Graham: Palin Not Running for President

Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 05:48 PM

By Newsmax Wires

The Rev. Franklin Graham said Sunday that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin doesn’t like politics and is not running for president.

Graham, one of the most influential evangelical ministers in the country and the son of the legendary Rev. Billy Graham, knows Palin well. He told ABC News’ Christiane Amanpour that he traveled with her to Haiti and said the former Republican vice presidential candidate “likes speaking on the issues, and I agree with many of the issues she brings up. I don’t see her as running for president,” according to Politico and ABC News.

AMANPOUR: You have traveled to Haiti with Sarah Palin.


AMANPOUR: Is she the kind of candidate you would like to see run for election? Would she be your candidate of choice?

GRAHAM: I don’t think Sarah’s going to — I don’t think she// likes politics. I think she likes speaking on the issues, and I agree with many of the issues that she brings up, but I believe — I don’t see her as running for president.

AMANPOUR: If she did, would you support her? Would she be your candidate?

GRAHAM: It depends on who the other candidates are.

AMANPOUR: So, that’s not a yes.

GRAHAM: No. I mean, we’re so early. But I do like Sarah.

Graham said he is undecided on the other presidential candidates, but did give a shoutout to both Mitt Romney and Donald Trump during the interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Mitt Romney has “proven himself” and is “a very capable person,” Graham said.

“Donald Trump, when I first saw that he was getting in, I thought ‘Well this has got to be a joke,'” Graham said. “But the more you listen to him, the more you say to yourself, ‘You know maybe the guy’s right.’”

When Amanpour asked whether he might support Trump, Graham said, “Sure, yeah. Sure.”

President Barack Obama, whom Graham has met with, is “a very nice man.

“He’s a very gracious person,” Graham said. “But I think our country is in big trouble.”

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Obama Nation or Not?

Where have you been born Mr. Obama? That is a question which has been taunting Obama long before he was elected President, and to add to this mystery, Obama refuses to release the real birth certificate thus fueling the conspiracy theorists and consequently creating a movement called the “Birthers.” In recent weeks Donald Trump brought the Birth Certificate issue to the front pages of most news outlets. In an interview with NewsMax .com Trump questioned the refusal of Mr. Obama to releasing his birth certificate. Thus far Mr. Obama is sticking to his guns by ignoring Trump and anybody else which ask the question about his birth certificate, he is not talking about it but democrats and left media talk show host are out with guns blazing , and demonizing anyone that ask. Well the cat is out of the bag and birth certificate issue will not go away…..

Iowa Republicans Don’t Think Obama Born in US

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011 02:31 PM

By Newsmax Wires

Almost half of Iowa Republicans don’t think the president was born in the United States and nearly a third aren’t sure if Barack Obama was born here, according to a new poll, Politico reports.

 WHERE is the Birth certificate?

A startling 48 percent of Iowa responded to the to the automated survey by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling saying they don’t believe the president is a citizen by birth, and another  26 percent said they weren’t sure whether or not he was born in America.

The same poll also showed Mitt Romney would have trouble in Iowa with his state-run “Romneycare” plan, a state-level bill mandating residents have health insurance. Some 63 percent said they could not vote for someone who approved such a mandate.

Trump’s recent attacks on Obama’s birthplace seems to have struck a chord in Iowa, however.

In Iowa, Trump comes in third with 14 percent of the vote, just two points behind Romney with 16 percent. Mike Huckabee is currently leading in the state, with 27 percent support from Iowa Republicans, Politico said.

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Socialist Leaning Media Deceiving Americans (via Voting American)

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan
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Thank you Sam, and you are so right Americans need to wake up!

Socialist Leaning Media Deceiving Americans I am amazed how over my lifetime I have watched the Main Stream Medias ability to actually shape Popular Public Opinion to their very Ideology and Agenda.  From the hateful rants by the Media against Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush to the blatant Worship we now see of Barack Obama there can be no question to the fact that the Media has long since left the Ethics of Journalism to pursue a Political Agenda and Ideology of Socialism and Anti Capit … Read More

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Elect Me,And I will GIVE YOU An open and Transparent Government, I PROMISE (NOT)

Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008
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He raised $750 Million for his campaign in 2008, which got elected. Now the talk is $1 Trillion, and let’s not forgets that he wants to raise the ceiling debt so America borrows more. Americas national Dept. is around $14 Trillion and it is going up. Now the question that comes to any intelligent mind is where the money coming from? Who is paying and therefor owning Obama?

This article in is very  interesting!

FEC Investigators Digging Into Obama’s 2008 Campaign

Barack Obama raised a record-shattering $750 million on his way to winning the 2008 presidential election. But that stunning flood of cash has triggered an investigation by the Federal Election Commission, which is taking a detailed look at the campaign’s records and transactions.

According to Roll Call, the audit of Obama’s financial records began two years ago. It was not required by law, since the Obama campaign did not accept federal matching funds and funded itself entirely with private donations. But allegations of improper contributions, coupled with the FEC’s suspicions of certain transactions, led to the probe.

Obama recently officially launched his 2012 campaign effort, and a representative there admitted to Roll Call that a review was under way.

“The FEC is conducting a routine review — as is true with the McCain campaign, the Romney campaign and many others — to determine if they have any questions with the information reported,” Katie Hogan, deputy press secretary for Obama’s re-election campaign, told Roll Call. “Given that there was an historic number of contributors and contributions — nearly 4 million and over 9 million, respectively — this takes time.”

In October 2008, Newsmax’s Ken Timmerman reported that questions about the source of Obama’s amazing fundraising were already swirling around. He reaped a stunning $150 million in campaign donations in September of that year, bringing his total at the time to more than $600 million.

As Timmerman reported:

By Obama’s own admission, more than half of his contributions have come from small donors giving $200 or less. But unlike John McCain’s campaign, Obama won’t release the names of these donors. (Is this the transparent open government Obama promised America?)

A Newsmax canvass of disclosed Obama campaign donors shows worrisome anomalies, including outright violations of federal election laws.

For example, Obama has numerous donors who have contributed well over the $4,600 federal election limit.

Many of these donors have never been contacted by the Obama campaign to refund the excess amounts to them.

And more than 37,000 Obama donations appear to be conversions of foreign currency.

According to a Newsmax analysis of the Obama campaign data before the latest figures were released, potential foreign currency donations could range anywhere from $12.8 million to a stunning $63 million in all. With the addition of $150 million raised in September, this amount could be much more.

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Do you think Obama is the Manchurian Candidate? (via Voting American)

When Obama will start to care about America?

Do you think Obama is the Manchurian Candidate? Manchurian Candidate With all the sealed documents and secrecy what else can one conclude?  Time to come clean Obama, time to come clean. Maybe I’m just howling at the Moon, maybe I’m not! Straight up, tell me what you think….. I’ll be your Huckleberry More from Voting American Who is Barack Obama? Who are you Barry Sorento/Barrack Obama? who are you? Related Articles Psyops: Is Barack Obama a CIA Trained Manchurian Candidate? (via ~ The GUNNY … Read More

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Are Illegal Aliens Really Doing the Jobs Americans Won’t Do? (via Nice Deb)

Here we are again , another lie of the left exposed, thank you Nice Deb for posring this…..

Are Illegal Aliens Really Doing the Jobs Americans Won't Do? Roy Beck at  Numbers USA writes: Channel 10 of Phoenix reported what happened when Sheriff Joe Arpaio raided a bunch of Pei Wei Asian Diners and led most of the workers there out in handcuffs because they were illegal aliens. First, Pei Wei had to close its doors because it didn’t have enough legal workers left. Second, Pei Wei immediately started recruiting workers from among legal residents. Finally, and triumphantly, as this newscast video so … Read More

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FEMA CAMPS=MARSHAL LAW, Google REX84 (via Village of the Banned)[MUST READ]


FEMA CAMPS=MARSHAL LAW, Google REX84 You have to decide for yourself From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, is a contingency plan developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who were deemed to be “national security threats”, in the e … Read More

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