Establisment bigest Con game!

The movement is called Conservative movement, I ought to know I was a  starch torch bearer! Than came the Trump Revaluation!

To start, lets look at the last eight years in the geo politics of USA, Since the Obama took office!

America had her first Black President,Woohhoo, wooha! And than came the decay of our country… but the decay was not coming from the White House, but it was Stinking from the Congress and the senate, which was Ruled By  the Conservative wing of the Republican Party. Great, but not really.

The Conservatism movement was a ploy to  keep awesome citizens occupy and busy and away from the truth!( No Conspiracy here).

If one would truly ask self about what is Conservative? One would be very confuse and lost because there is no such a thing as Conservatism!

Say what? are  you nut?  Are  you  out of y our mind???

It is and always been a ploy of the Elite to keep  us, you and I  BUZY .Think about it!

When was the last true Conservative person You  know? and when looking at their history what makes them Conservative?

Truly the term is man made and do not exist.

If  you  call  yourself Conservative, please look up the definition for the word, and its

origin of the word, you be surprise to what you will find out!


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