The most recent poll on GOP nominees…..


In a Republican presidential primary, who would you prefer as the GOP nominee?

Dr. Ben Carson                       284,379(13%)

Gov. Chris Christie                79,078(3%)

Gov. Jeb Bush                          104,833(4%)

Gov. John Kasich                     38,255(1%)

Sen. Marco Rubio                    61,698(2%)

Gov. Mike Huckabee              88,550(4%)

Sen. Rand Paul                         80,988(3%)

Sen. Ted Cruz                          305,095(14%)

Donald Trump                          405,211(19%)

Sen. Rick Santorum                  3,353(0%)

Carly Fiorina                             13,077(0%)

Overall, do you approve or disapprove of President Obama’s job performance?

Approve                                      371,072(17%)

Disapprove                                 1,751,362(82%)

Of the below options, which are you more focused on when choosing your candidate?

Preserving traditional values        539,388(25%)

National security                            473,870(22%)

Healthcare reforms                         146,497(6%)

Jobs and the U.S. economy             961,135(45%)

Do you have a portfolio of stocks, bonds and/or gold in excess of $200,000?

Yes                                                         119,223(22%)

No                                                          409,270(77%)

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