Here it is almost at the door with an eviction notice. The land lord is merciless; but please give me few more days, at least few more months? I will renovate and give you -your property  back the way I got it! No is no. no more time you have had your time, do you see the moving truck out side? it is the new tenant. He has a plan better than the one you had. I know he will do good. It is time to go, best of luck and please don’t come back around here any more.  and with those words the universal marshals of time served the eviction notice to the year 2015. He had till midnight to get out.

The old year is Gone, he leaves behind a World soiled with mayhem, war torn countries, graves filled with bomb fragmented bodies, or if that wasn’t enough he replaced the bomb fragment s with disease which eat through the living, storms in an epic proportion and the lease goes on and on! Yes the year 2015 is almost gone, 2016 is waiting at the door of the new year. There are many promises in front of all of us in this coming year, no matter what this year brings remember it is you with the help of God to conquer and over come all obstacles in 2016! May God be in the center of your life and Jesus the rudder of your ship and the Holy Spirit the wind beneath your sail.

Happy New Year!


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