Another Merry Christmas!

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. First, let me wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Happy holidays!

Now, to my story of the day: Hillary Clinton lied again. What a surprise. Just like when she covered up the terrorist attack at Benghazi by blaming it on a video no one ever watched, now she is blaming Donald Trump for inciting hatred, violence and ISIS recruitment, even though no such video exists.

But guess what the truth is? While there is no ISIS video featuring Donald Trump, ironically ISIS does use Bill Clinton’s image on videos as a recruitment tool.

Bill Clinton’s image is used on ISIS videos to represent the immorality of America — a place where the president has sex in the oval office with his intern. ISIS calls Hillary’s husband “the fornicator in chief.”

How embarrassing to Hillary. It’s just lucky ISIS doesn’t know about all the rumors and charges that Bill sexually harassed and even raped women and traveled three times to “Orgy Island” to visit his friend Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender.

All of those charges make Hillary’s husband one of the greatest recruiting tools in ISIS history.

But what does all that make Hillary, the wife who stood by her man while he cheated, allegedly assaulted, raped and participated in orgies? What would ISIS say about all of that? What would a billion Muslims around the world think of Hillary after watching a well-produced video reviewing all of those charges? My educated guess is ISIS would set recruiting records based on Hillary’s background as the wife of “the fornicator in chief.”

So maybe Hillary ought to refrain from throwing stones, when she lives in an all-glass home.

But there’s a much bigger issue involved. You see, Hillary’s most serious claim is that Donald is a terrible guy, a racist, an Islamophobe, whose election would enrage and insult Muslims and cause them to attack us day and night.

The problem with Hillary’s argument is, like millions of other common-sense Americans, I don’t care about offending the enemies of America. I don’t care what radical Muslim terrorists think. I don’t care if we’re enraging them. I don’t care if our words, or actions, or elections insult them. I care only about what Americans think. I care only about what is best for America.

I don’t believe we should have run our country, or made our decisions during World War II based on what Adolf Hitler thought. I don’t believe we should have been concerned about whether we insulted or offended Nazis.

And today I don’t believe we should concern ourselves over whether we are insulting savages that enjoy cutting people’s heads off on video, murdering women and children, raping and enslaving women and children, setting fire to prisoners in cages or drowning prisoners in cages.

In response to people doing very bad things, I think it’s OK to point out that they are savages and not worry about whether you’ve offended them.

But if Hillary is correct and we should worry about offending radical Muslim terrorists (although she can’t even say those words in the same sentence), then this becomes really ironic and comedic because it appears Hillary hasn’t thought this one through. Once again, Hillary is throwing stones from her all-glass home.

You see, nothing would enrage or insult Muslims more than America’s electing a woman as president. In other words, President Hillary Clinton is the best billboard material in ISIS history.

Everyone knows how not only “radical Islam,” but even moderate, Muslims treat women.

Women are treated as second-class citizens.

Women are treated as “property.” Women aren’t allowed out without being accompanied by men. Women are forced to hide behind black veils. Women are covered from head to toe in all black — in 120 desert heat. Women are given the death penalty for the crime of “being raped.”

Women are lashed or stoned for minor charges.

Women are mistreated as a way of life.

Muslims would never take orders from a woman, let alone put her in charge of their country. That would be the greatest possible insult to any Muslim man. So can you even imagine the reaction from the Muslim world if we made a woman the president of the United States? Now that would be the greatest ISIS recruiting tool ever. That would incite violent terrorist attacks. That would cause Islamic religious zealots to go into a feeding frenzy and froth at the mouth.

So Hillary opened up a big can of worms. She threw stones from a very large, all-glass house. Now, Donald Trump should rip a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon in her glass home. Donald should point out all of these “inconvenient facts” to Hillary day and night.

By the time Donald gets done with Bill Clinton’s serial cheating, sexual assaulting and Orgy Island background — combined with pointing out Hillary’s many lies, combined with pointing out Hillary’s many serious crimes, combined with pointing out that Hillary is a weak fool for worrying about offending modern-day Nazis, combined with the hypocrisy of Hillary being the No. 1 ISIS recruiting tool herself (and we all know how good Donald is at agitating and infuriating) — Hillary will not only wish she never ran, she may wish she was never born.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. I’ll see you next week. I’m sad to report that next Thursday will be my last column for Personal Liberty®. I’m moving on to other endeavors. But it has been a wonderful and memorable four years at Personal Liberty®. It has been a pleasure, privilege and honor to write columns and produce videos for all of you. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God bless to all of my friends, fans and readers at Personal Liberty®. I will miss all of you very much. See you next week.

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