America how dumb are you?

Regardless  of what you might think of the Russian President, you must admit that he is brilliant, what better way to deter American voters to elect a Right person to the Oval Office but to endorse the  candidate you do not want to be elected. That is why Vladimir Putin is parsing Donald Trump!

Check for yourselves There has never been an endorsement coming to any American President(and really who cares what the Russian think?) “”wanna bees”” from any Russian official, EVER. And Suddenly  Putin takes it upon Himself to endorse one?! You Should ask yourself why? and why now? you also should ask who is he really endorsing? You should ask who is gaining from this praise from our arch enemy? We know that Obama and Putin are buddies when MICs are off?! WE know Obama got caught with his britches down when he was assuring Putin that things will be softer when he get elected the second term. So the establishment don’t want TRUMP, but the Russian praise TRUMP, the logic is Americans don’t like PUTIN and as dumb as they are will go against what Putin recommend. It is a brilliant strategy, not complicated, but very complex and it might work! I do not know about you, but as far as I am Concern, I might be stupid, but believe me when I say I am not DUMB!





Thursday December 17, 2015

Putin Praises Trump As ‘Absolute Leader’

Image: Putin Praises Trump As 'Absolute Leader'

Thursday, 17 Dec 2015 07:45 AM

President Vladimir Putin hailed Donald Trump as the “absolute leader” in the U.S. presidential contest, praising the candidate’s talk about building a deeper relationship with Russia.

The Republican candidate is “a very colorful character and talented,” Putin said after concluding his three-hour annual press conference in Moscow.

“He’s the absolute leader in the presidential race,” Putin said Thursday, in remarks first reported by the Interfax news service. “He’s said that he wants to move to a new level of ties, closer and deeper ties with Russia. How couldn’t we welcome that? Of course we welcome it.”

Putin dodged a question about the abusive language and combative ploys that Trump uses to stay atop the polls, saying “it’s not our place to judge his work.”

Russia is ready to work with any new U.S. president and willing to develop cooperation between the countries, Putin said during the news conference.

During the past two years, relations between the U.S. and Russia have degenerated to their worst since the Cold War amid Putin’s support for separatists in Ukraine, Russian accusations of NATO encroachment and disagreements over resolving Syria’s civil war. Russian and U.S. officials meet Friday in New York as part of international talks on Syria.


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