Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Illuminati Notes!

Excellent analogy and comparison !

Michael Basham's Mother Ship


There is a new type of alien, neither Deceptacon nor Autobot, and the interesting thing is how it looks rather human. This could represent the coming AntiChrist One World religion that will supposedly replace all forms of faith, declaring itself above anything that is called God according to the Book of Daniel.


The president is shown to clearly not be in control anymore of the Government, as there is a meeting with the speaker of the House and the CIA Autobot-hunting group. It’s comical and immature, but just shows how out of control the Illuminati-esque black government is that’s basically hijacked the US intelligence agency.

The CIA recruits blacktops terroristic ISIS-like bad guys who hunt down the last Autobots. They use torture and kill people’s children to get what they want. This is quite similar to what is happening with the real CIA which really does help organize terrorist groups…

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