Fourteen American Murdered in cold blood by minimum of two #RabidDogs. Sense less act to promote a Demonic cult called “Islam”, as I watched the horror of this cowardice  act unfold on the news I could not but help it to pray for the families of the “Hero’s “whom were murdered by Rabid Dogs. can you just for one second look at your  Christmas tree and switch places with one of the surviving family member!? I guarantee it you will be horrified.

Yes, two Rabid Dogs were put down, their Child will grow parentless. and will follow the family tradition. It is the way of peaceful cult.

Fourteen lives were snuffed. Hopes ,dreams, walking the daughter down the aisle, or teaching a son to throw a football, you get the picture, all gone, stolen, and stolen by ones to whom we, yes WE have opened our doors and said welcome, my house is your house, you are welcome to share all her benefits. In return of our kindness we get the honor of becoming their prize trophy. They get to thank us by killing us!

The Commander in Chief tells the world that, ones opposing the refuges in the US are afraid of women and children. I Say”yes we are aware of RabidDogs But we are not afraid of them. We were not afraid when we brought the British Empire to her knees, nor we were  afraid to stand against Nazi Germany, We are never afraid to stand with the oppress, infect that is the core foundation of “The United State Of America”, the foundation which was laid by our founding fathers based on Gods principles.

Take a moment and pray for the families of the Victims, all of the victims, even the surviving child that is going to grow parentless, Pray for comfort and peace, and understanding.

Beware of the RabidDogs around you, for they are here. and will bite if not put dawn first.

God Bless The USA!



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