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The founding fathers were God fearing Christians, She was build upon Christian believes and principles. This article among many represents a glimpse  of things yet to come and her future is not bright, infect  is dim and is scary. One only needs to look back in the past and see the future. All the fallen nation in the world have one thing in common and one thing only?!They all kicked God out! Pray for America and her people so She does not become another statistic in the world history !


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White Christians are now less than half of U.S. population, says Pew

Posted on November 26, 2015November 24, 2015 by Personal Liberty News Desk


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For the first time since the country’s founding, white Christians don’t constitute a majority of the U.S. population.

That’s the finding from the Pew Research Center, which published data this month showing whites who identify as Christian make up just 46 percent of the American population.

Pew’s “Religious Landscape” survey, published Nov. 23, finds Americans increasingly polarized along religious and political lines. While it’s an interesting finding, the narrative is predictable: As conservatives become more conservative, the study insinuates, they also cling harder to their religion. And for some reason we can’t quite pin down, being a white Christian makes the results more noteworthy.

From the summary, which Pew handed off to National Journal for an exclusive release:

As the nation relentlessly diversifies, both in its racial composition and religious preferences, White Christians now represent just 46 percent of American adults, according to Pew data provided in response to a request from Next America. That’s down from a 55 percent majority as recently as 2007, and much higher figures through most of U.S. history.

Yet even as White Christians shrink in their overall numbers, they still account for nearly seven-in-10 Americans who identify with, or lean toward, the Republican Party, the Pew study found. White Christians, in fact, represent as large a share of the Republican coalition today as they did of American society overall in 1984, when Ronald Reagan won reelection. A clear majority of all White Christians across the United States now identify as Republican, Pew found.

According to Pew, this marks a “slow but steady drift away from the monolithic dominance of Christian faiths” in the U.S.

If you’re white and you’re a Democrat, the chances are strong that you’re not a Christian, according to the report. “In a landmark shift, fewer than half of White Democrats with a college degree now identify as Christians; that’s a much smaller percentage than among the party’s Blacks and Latinos.”

What about Christians who aren’t white? A lot of them are Democrats, according to the report.

“[T]he Democratic coalition has evolved into a three-legged stool that divides almost evenly between White Christians, non-White Christians, and those from all races who identify either with a non-Christian faith or, increasingly, with no religious tradition at all,” Pew states.

Blacks and Latinos who identify as Democrats are also “much more likely than White Democrats to identify with Christian faiths.”

If being a Christian has such tremendous influence over one’s political preferences, the future of the Democratic Party could get interesting. As Democrats continue to rely on wedge issues and identity politics to appeal to as many minority groups as possible, its Christian following — whether minority or white — could shift toward affiliations that favor the GOP or political independents.

“The declining importance of White Christians in the Democratic electoral coalition has made it easier for party leaders to move left on cultural questions,” Pew states, as if to affirm the idea that the Democratic Party is essentially taking its minority followers’ religious views for granted.

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