Lead or Leave Mr.Obama

Lead or leave MR. Obama. and whatever of the two you choose the country will stand behind you. The notion of  we need to hold hands and sing happy songs  with these animals is deadly and wrong, a rabid dog is a rabid dog, and must be put down. you have sworn an oath to protect America. Please honor your oath.

It took bombing of “Pearl Harbor”, for “The United State”, to join the war against Nazi Germany and Japan.Air liners were highjacks by Muslim terrorist and  rammed to “World Trade center and Pentagon”, and The loss of three Thousand plus lives propelled us to take action against Islamic terrorism, and terrorists. The world stood with America on 9\11, the world screamed “We are American”;Why?! Because “America holds higher standard and values above the rest of the world,Yes we have higher Standards and values, and that is why  we must take the lead on annihilating the danger of the Rabid Dog”ISIS”,that is growing by the minute around us.



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