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Diplomats From Iran, U.S., And Other Nations Discuss Crisis In Syria

Much of the difficulty lies in finding a solution to the civil war and humanitarian crisis in Syria that’s acceptable to all parties – both within and outside of Syria.

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The Two-Way

Polish Court Rejects U.S. Extradition Request For Polanski

The judge in the case, Dariusz Mazur, said the U.S. request wasn’t admissible under Polish law. Roman Polanski, 82, has both French and Polish citizenship.

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The Two-Way

Iranian-American Is Reportedly Arrested At Tehran Airport

News of Siamak Namazi’s detention comes as Iran takes part in international talks on Syria, with foreign ministers of the U.S. and other countries meeting today in Vienna.

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The Two-Way

Valeant Says It Will Cut Ties To Specialty Pharmacy Amid Fraud Allegations

The company’s relationship with Philidor has been under scrutiny after questions were raised about whether it was using the specialty pharmacy to boost sales of Valeant drugs over cheaper versions.

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The Two-Way

Senate Passes Budget That Would Fund Government Into 2017

The measure, which passed 64 to 35, would suspend the debt ceiling and fund the government until after the presidential election campaign. President Obama is expected to sign it.

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