Timeline of Violence

Palestinian terrorists have violently attacked Israeli citizens in recent weeks, leaving seven dead and dozens more wounded. Below is a partial timeline of some of the attacks.
Oct. 16: A Palestinian disguised in a ‘PRESS’ vest – stabbed an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier near Hebron.
Oct. 14: A Palestinian man stabbed a 70-year old Jewish woman at a bus station. In a separate incident, a stabbing attack on a security guard was foiled near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate.
Oct. 13: Four separate terror attacks killed three Israelis and wounded over 25. In one attack, a man rammed his car into a group at bus stop and then further attacked the injured with a meat cleaver.(
Truly Showing the mercy of Islam)
Oct. 12: Three separate Palestinian stabbing attacks occurred in Jerusalem, wounding six. One of three victims from one attack was a 13-year-old Israeli boy riding his bike.
Oct. 3: Two Israeli men were killed by a Palestinian in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem. The wife and two-year old child of one of the victims were also wounded.(Yes kill the Jews, the Younger the better, Islam is merciful!) 
Oct. 1: Palestinian terrorists shot and killed two Israelis driving in the West Bank as their four children sat in the back seat.(Shocks, the kids got away!)
The killings will go on, and the world will do nothing, “God told Ibrahim:I will Bless those who bless you and Curse those who curse you, Do not be the CURSED ONE!

Dear Friend of Israel,

As you watch the daily reports of stabbings, shootings and other acts of terror now plaguing Israel, you no doubt wonder when this wave of Palestinian violence will end.

One thing is clear: The violence will not end as long as Palestinian leaders incite calls for further violence.

Today, a bipartisan letter is circulating in the House that calls on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to take immediate action to end the incitement and stop the escalating violence.

Please click here to email your representative and urge him/her to sign this important letter today.

Sponsored by Representatives Ed Royce (R-CA) and Eliot Engel (D-NY), this bipartisan letter to President Abbas states:

“There have been some efforts to curb the violence and protect the peace. But statements made by you, other political figures, clerics and official PA media have undoubtedly served to inflame the current situation.”

The letter further notes:

“Now is the time for the PA to take concrete steps to avoid further violence. This starts with a sustained effort to publicly and officially repudiate these attacks, ending the unacceptable incitement to violence.”

The letter concludes with a call to unconditionally renew direct bilateral peace negotiations with Israel.

Please help us advance this letter in Congress without delay. Click here to email your representative and urge his/her support.

Thank You,

Brian Shankman
Director of Regional Affairs & Development


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