Congress to Vote on Iran Deal Legislation

AIPAC | America's Pro-Israel Lobby

Over the past two months, as lawmakers reviewed the proposed nuclear deal with Iran, our message to Congress has been clear: The United States must do better. We need a better deal.
We believe that Congress must oppose this dangerous deal because it leaves Iran as a nuclear threshold state, jeopardizes U.S. interests, and poses an existential threat to Israel and other American allies.
Thanks to your unrelenting energy and commitment to this cause, you helped mount an unprecedented campaign and build a national movement to reach a bipartisan rejection of the deal in Congress.
Please take two critical actions today:
In the Senate: There is an active effort to filibuster and block a final vote on the Iranian nuclear deal. The only way to end debate and proceed to a vote is to have 60 senators vote to invoke cloture. If the cloture vote to end debate fails today, the Senate will not be able to vote directly on the Iran nuclear agreement.
Please contact your senators today. Urge them to vote for cloture and allow a vote on the resolution of disapproval on the Iranian nuclear deal.
In the House: Tomorrow, a critical moment will take place when the House of Representatives votes on the Iran deal. That vote will now be on a resolution of approval supporting the Iran agreement, so members opposing the deal will vote against the resolution.
A bipartisan majority in Congress has already announced its opposition to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, and that rejection will be registered by the House when members vote to oppose the resolution of approval tomorrow.
Please click here and urge your House representative to vote against the resolution of approval.
Ensuring the largest possible bipartisan rejection of this agreement will establish the strongest foundation for the Iran policy debate still ahead.
I will be in touch soon as these legislative developments continue to unfold.

Robert A. Cohen
AIPAC President