Here it is!

Hiya all{Government mandate}

(every one), (have to include all), well that out-of-the-way; Its been a long time coming, I have been Jonah, not running but procrastinating doing it; What, watt(what on earth you are talking about?), oh, stop denying it , yes you were thinking it. Well just for the record it been a long time coming and it is here now, Last night I launched my 2nd blog(wooohooo) in to the world,(wahoo again), This blog is not political and believe me[ I will try] to keep it that way as the Lord Lead.

I know the world was Just waiting for my blog to start among million others., but remember there was a reason you clik on this site years, months, days ago, You did not know why, so use your God driven mouse and clike again,God that health………

Please stop in and say hello, We all, yes all of us need God and His touch, I pray and Hope you be touch by Masters hand on this blog as you never been touched before.