It is 2 am in Washington DC. It is quite in the white House, and suddenly the phone rings in the presidents bedroom ,,,,,,,,,

Who would be the best voice to say HELLO?

Mexican drug lord endorses Trump for president

Posted on July 16, 2015July 15, 2015 by Wayne Allyn Root


Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Mexico’s most notorious, bloodthirsty, murdering drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, threatened the life of Donald Trump. Perfecto!

That’s the greatest campaign endorsement any U.S. presidential candidate could ever hope for. El Chapo just put Trump on the map. He may have just put Trump in the White House. Gracias, “El Chapo.” Keep talking, my friend.

This is a dream come true for Trump and his campaign consultants. It’s like getting attacking by Adolf Hitler. It’s like getting slandered by Josef Stalin. It’s like hearing Charles Manson wants to kill the prosecutor.

You’ll notice El Chapo didn’t threaten President Obama. That’s because Obama isn’t hurting his business. That’s because Obama has left the border wide open for drug smuggling. That’s because Obama isn’t deporting illegal alien felons and murderers.

To the contrary, he’s letting them out of prison to terrorize the inner-city streets of America. El Chapo might very well be in America at this moment, thanks to Obama’s lax enforcement of the border. Heck, if he’s here in Obama’s America, he qualifies for food stamps and his kids get free meals in school. If he gets caught in America, thanks to Obama he’ll be assigned a free attorney at taxpayer expense.

I’m betting El Chapo says: “Viva Obama!”

You’ll notice El Chapo didn’t threaten Hillary Clinton. He didn’t threaten Bernie Sanders. He didn’t threaten any of the other 2,000 Republican presidential candidates. That’s because none of them will change a thing. None of them will seal the border. None of them will put a wall or drones at the border. None of them has the courage to publicly declare Mexican illegal aliens who commit crimes such as murder, rape or drug dealing public enemy No. 1 of America.

El Chapo’s threat says it all. That wasn’t actually a threat. It was a seal of approval. It was a campaign endorsement. He just branded Trump.

Trump’s brand is:

  • Only Trump has the cajones to tell the truth.
  • Only Trump calls it as he sees it.
  • Only Trump hits the nail on the head.
  • Only Trump won’t shut up in the name of political correctness.

Trump has woken a sleeping giant- the American people. They now understand the worst threat to this country isn’t a lone-wolf terrorist. It’s thousands of illegals walking across a lawless border every day. It’s murderers, rapists and thugs walking across. It’s drug dealers, drug smugglers and almost 100 percent of all the illegal drugs addicting our children. It’s uneducated, unskilled people who demand cradle-to-grave welfare checks. It’s people causing a crisis in our schools and hospitals. It’s adding up to a crime wave and the bankruptcy of America.

And Trump has brought this gigantic issue to the forefront by saying things no one else was brave enough to say. The result? Murdering drug lords are angry, scared and taking notice.

Trump told the truth about the lawless border, the illegal alien invasion and the illegal alien crime wave — and in short order all hell has broken loose. A beautiful young girl was killed in broad daylight in San Francisco, allegedly at the hands of a Mexican national illegally in America and formerly deported five times.

How did he so easily get back into our country five times? Because, as Trump rightly said, the border is wide open. Our country is being invaded by an army of criminals. Our safety, security and sovereignty are being threatened.

That one young woman is a symbol of our No. 1 national security breach. But she is one of many. I sat in the audience to watch Trump address FreedomFest in Las Vegas on Saturday. He brought up on the stage a father of an African-American teenager murdered by an illegal gangbanger from Mexico just let out of prison that day. The father told us that his boy was murdered at the orders of a Mexican drug gang. I saw tears in the eyes of many in the audience when that sad father said only Trump understands, only Trump cares, only Trump has the courage to speak out.

He may ride that courage straight to the White House.

And, yes, there are good people, too, coming across that border. Trump said that. I state that every day. I love legal immigrants. Legal immigrants are good for America. I love Hispanics: the hardest-working people I’ve ever seen. This is not a Hispanic issue. It’s not an immigrant issue. It’s an illegal alien crisis.

If we don’t get control of our border fast, the crisis will deepen. That border is wide open. It’s open for drugs. It’s open for murderers. It’s open for people who want welfare. It’s open for any terrorist to walk across and carry out another 9/11. Next, it could be your child or mine murdered at the hands of an illegal alien — or your child or mine addicted to drugs brought in almost 100 percent from across the lawless Mexican border. I’m not willing to take that chance. Are you?

El Chapo just gave Trump the biggest endorsement ever! What this murdering, slimeball, thug drug pusher and murderer just did was tell American voters:

  • Only one candidate for president is on the radar screen of Mexican drug lords,
  • Only one candidate bothers El Chapo,
  • Only one candidate threatens his business,
  • Only one candidate understands what Mexico is doing to America,
  • Only one candidate understands the border with Mexico is the No. 1 national security threat,
  • Only one candidate will seal that border and, therefore, badly damage drug smuggling,
  • And only one candidate is standing up to Mexican drug lords.

Trump is doing a great job. If he’s made the “hit list” of Mexican drug lords, he’s a hero. I knew that before. But now, thanks to El Chapo, most Americans know it, too. Gracias.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.