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Anti-Confederate flag game likely to get someone killed

Posted on July 14, 2015July 14, 2015

by Personal Liberty News Desk

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Thieves and vandals throughout the nation are taking videos of themselves destroying and stealing private property as part of social media campaigns encouraging the destruction of Confederate flags.

The Christian Science Monitor reported Monday:

The No Flagging Challenge dares people to destroy privately owned Confederate battle flags displayed on people’s homes and vehicles.

According to the hashtag tracking site Keyhole, the tag #NoFlaggingChallenge appeared Sunday with most of its activity coming from Vine. About two thirds of those posting the videos are male. A similar tag #ConfederateTakedown is also popular on Twitter, but that tag is mainly geared towards legally removing the flags from public buildings.

The Blaze reported:

In what appears to be the original video, posted to Facebook on July 11 by Jamari Williams, a young black man runs up to a house and jumps to tear down a Confederate flag from the flag pole. Another male, in the driver’s seat of the car, filmed the ordeal while laughing and saying “no flagging’” repeatedly.

“#noFlagginchallenge snatch & run LMAO f*** the flag,” the video’s caption says.

According to Williams’ Facebook page, he is the CEO of Blowin BANDZ ENT, a record label, and lives in Sarasota, Florida.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, the Sarasota Police Department said it’s in touch with other law enforcement agencies and encouraged the public to come forward with any information regarding the video.

“The Sarasota Police Department is aware of this video and we are looking into this incident but we have not received any reports of a theft of a flag from a residence,” the statement said. “Also, we do not know exactly where this video occurred & whether it was in our jurisdiction.”

A video from last week showed a young black man removing a Confederate flag decal from the back of an 18-wheeler in traffic.

The liberal website Death and Taxes applauded the move: “Today in heroes: This guy was stuck in slow-moving traffic behind a truck that was proudly displaying the racist, traitorous loser flag. So he jumped out, and ripped it off, showing way more courage than any of the Southern cowards who died fighting for their backwards, indefensible cause.”