Oh Bullcrap!!!

Bullcrap!!!! You are being nice.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Gays Introduce Rainbow Flag Desecration Bill….

Satire? Snark? One never knows anymore…

This is garbage…if true…

Burn the damn things…

An activist homosexual rights group today introduced a Gay Flag Desecration Bill to the House Homeland Security Committee, an action which appears to be riding the coattails of last month’s supreme court ruling that citizens have the right to marry within the same sex.

The bill, which was drafted by the gay rights group Homogays Advocating Modest Gay Flag Reform (HAMGFR), spells out a series of punishments, both monetary and in prison sentences, for harming the flag adopted by gay pride and anti-defamation groups. “The rainbow flag has become a symbol of gay pride and the struggle that homogays have gone through to achieve rights in this country,” says William Spielman, a representative of HAMGFR.

They keep demanding ‘equal’ rights blah, blah, blah..

Problem is they keep ‘demanding more ‘rights’..

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