Mainstream Media carrying Rachel Dolezal’s water.

Lets roll 🙂

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What I am about to say may sound rather harsh but as we all know by now, it’s how Progressives roll so why not give a little back.

For starters, maybe the title of this article should be, “Mainstream Media carrying Rachel Dolezal’s jar of kool-aid.”  You think?

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Former president of the NAACP-Spokane Division, Rachel Dolezal must be somewhat relieved over the church shootings that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina last week. I do not mean in terms of the loss of life but the fact that such a horrific act of violence has diverted attention away from Dolezal’s intentional and premeditated acts of fraud and deception. Oh yes and let us not forget the spin by the mainstream media and continuous painting of Dolezal as a victim…..and Black in spite of Dolezal being anything but.

As stated in an earlier post,

Progressive talking points as espoused by Read…

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