2:22 AM – campaign

Keep up the great work.

Cristian Mihai

coverHi guys,

I want to tell you about this new novel I have finished writing. A couple of days ago you were able to read a few excerpts

But I need your help to release the novel. What do I need help for?

The total amount I’m trying to raise is $1,500, but the truth is the actual amount is closer to $1,300 because of PayPal and Indiegogo fees.

Around $4-500 will pay for editing.  And, yes, even if you self-publish, you still need your book to be professionally edited. This is not the internet, this is something you’re asking money for, so you have to offer people a finished product that’s as flawless as possible.

Now comes the tricky part: the money wouldn’t be enough if I wouldn’t be able to design covers and format interiors for e-books and paperbacks. The work I do, that’s at least $500 in…

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