Why Christians Leave Church, Why They Must Return & How to Find the Right One

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I wrote a Facebook post on May 11, 2015 asking if my readers went to church regularly and if they didn’t, why.  I wanted to understand the general situation ‘out there’ among Christians. If you think about it, the people on my personal page are what you might consider, ‘staunch’ Christians. Therefore, if a percentage of them aren’t going to church, then there is even a larger percentage of ‘regular’ Christians not going.  Whatever reasons are keeping them from church are effecting ‘regular’ or weak Christians even more.  I just wanted to know.  The results were very interesting.  Those who wish to see to see the conversation can go to my facebook post here.

gossiping Gossips turn people away from church.

I would never judge or look down upon anyone who is not going to church. Especially if you left a church because they deeply wounded you.. I, myself, was hurt…

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