God where are you? This question has been asked probably  by almost every one on earth, regardless  of thier  believe.

We all have those moments which has no way out written all over it?! As I sat  in the front yard of our friends home the “The: where are you God came out of my mouth!”followed by please talk to me , help me, at least tell me what to do? For a time that seemed as forever time! There was  no reply, just flys buzzing And doing what flys do!? “Being annoying!”seagulls

No, God was not answering me.  my mind started  the serch for  why God is not answeg me, for logicly the foult was mine, so I started going through my brains cabinet  of sins(which we all have), and pulled the file marked TOP SECRET, and in that file  pulled the very thick folder labeled sins againest God, as i went through page after page, the result was the same, at end of each page, and in some cases more than one page there was a Red stamp which read “paid in full, owned by Jesus!”

Now the above process  took some time (few minutes,  well it seemed longer:”) I needed to focus  and think, well for time that it took me  to go through  my heads file cabinet I was totally absent minded about my  problems that got me asking  the question “Where are you God?” In the first place.

God was not answering me, and yet He was!


And sudenly the time stood still as a cardinal flew by me and stood on the short fence facing me, tobe followed by a dove, not a white  dove as you might be expecting  if you have been reading so far,but your every day  ordinary  dove, but dove nonetheless.

As the dove flew  away, a white  small  buterfly flew gracefully around me as if to say : hey  all would be fine mr.  If that wasn’t enough to set  my mind at ease the shows final  act apeared dressed as a ladybug crawling up my knee and  stoping on my hand  and looking at my face  before flying away.

Before  i went out to the yard God was talking to me, but i ws not hearing  Him, He reminded me that no matter what I go through He is always with me, and His Son owns my sins when he paid with His blood on calvary .

Remember  no matter what you are going through the foot print on the sand is not yours ,but Gods😄