Six Police officers have been charged with killing their suspect. I do not know the guilt or the innocent of any of them; the six accused or the suspect. By any meanes shape or form this bloger would be condoning police bortality nor the criminal actions of any one trying to take advantage of the system! (whhhhhhat)?

If you are crook you need to be prosacuted and punished to the foull extened of the law after due procesess. Now being a Policer officer doese not exempt you nor ellevate you above the law. If you are a crook you are a crook, as Jesus said  : ( if you live by the sword you die by the sword.”).

Now here is my puzzlement : where in the constitution or any where else in America we have been given that mob mentalety is the provaling way of getting things done. 

If i do not like way things are i must reanact the boston teaparty and burn few hundred cars and few named workplaces and distrup day to day lives of my naibures , why? Well ? is it just a thing to do? Or we have gone that low that we have given  our democracy in exchange of fast food mentalety?  

You decide!