Playing Chess With God


This is a story of faith, chess, being 12 years old, Hebrews 11, and the greatest teacher in the world.  Warning: this post is over 5000 words…more like a short story really. I think you will find it worth the effort if you give it a go.  Be blessed,,,

On my way home one morning after my Tuesday morning group Bible study, I began to see a beautiful truth in the world. Maybe my thoughts were driven by the chapter we studied that morning, maybe it was by mere whim, and maybe the Lord was trying to say something to me, but nevertheless, a picture opened up to me that I just have to share.
We were systematically studying the book of Exodus, chapter by chapter; and that morning we discussed chapter 19 of Exodus. Each person in this particular Bible class is expected or at least encouraged to study the material and…

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