Hello every one🙋, its been a while! Ive missed you all😭 I step off the blogosphear and the whole world goes crazy? Realy, ?! At least one person stayed consistent  and kept his words, no matter what happned, and it was bad, President  Bush is to blame. America gives billons to iran just to bless us and talk to us ! WHaaaaaaaat? We also promised  them more $$$$$$$$$$$$ to continue talking. Wow, eeet es good to be ayatola , eet ez goood to vear towel over our head and a glove vit mddal finger showing only To america and the word.  Who realy gives a hoot in america, if ooobama sign over the big satan to us, no vone would even notice. The stupets are busy with putting and taking air out of the ball. Wooohoo! It sounds far fetch but it is almost true, well almost! And almost dont count?! Next time America be mindful of inflated, deflated football! By the way,  let us all wish Mr Obama a very Happy Birthday. Its been great to bloge again, thank you for being here and reading my jeeber jabber. Oh, befor I forget H.R CLINTON SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR CRIMES  AGAINST AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE . PLEASE REMEMBER  THE FOOTBALL. life is  a gift from God , let us not give it away beacuse we were to busy inflating or deflating football.