SHALOM: a beautiful word, a state of being

Peace be un to you !


ImageYou may have noticed that I close all of my communications with the word Shalom. It is easily my favorite word in Hebrew. Shalom is a complicated and often misunderstood word. It means a great deal to me personally.

Common usages of the word Shalom

Many use shalom as a greeting or closing, like aloha is used in Hawaii. It carries a connotation of calmness and friendship. It’s a good word for that purpose.

Many understand the word to mean peace. It can mean anything from world peace to tranquility. Great thoughts, but this is not the meaning of the word shalom.

Oneness or wholeness

Shalom means oneness or wholeness with God. This is basic to being a Christian. When we are one with God (the Holy Trinity), we have turned our lives over to Him. It means that we accept that He is in control of all things, that…

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