The Tree of Mamre

So, we have CPAC, which it seems like half the Republicans in the nation were not invited to, and which a good many conservatives were also not welcomed. At gatherings like this, everyone has their own advice, and when a multiplicity of conflicting advice is offered, the result is chaos and confusion.

With this in mind, we will not go into details as to how Rand Paul urged the GOP to become more libertarian. Given his hostility to social conservatism nuance on social issues and high regard for the 10th Amendment, and advocacy of foolhardy isolationism wisely considered non-interventionism, Paul cannot be thought of as the libertarian/conservative heir to Ronald Reagan, but rather the Libertarian heir (with a big “L”) of Ron Paul. Rand Paul wants to saw off two of the three legs of the conservative stool, but such a stool will not stand. Or win elections…

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