Gratitude Dime
Gratitude Dime (Photo credit: InaFrenzy)

Hello World“, and with  these words I started my first Blog post here, or anywhere in that matter five and half years ago. Why I blogged? Well,  I think(and that is hard , cumbersome task for me!)I just wanted to let the world know what I think!

Now, I have reached 200 followers! I know for some blo9ggers that have over thousands, 200 is nothing. But for me any number over “ONE” is Gods gift. I just wanted to tell  you all ” THANK YOU,”  thank you for following me here at “You Decide”, Thank you for taking the time and stopping by and reading my posts. Thank you for hitting the like, and even making a comment or two.

There might have been times that you did not agree with what you read, and liked but never the less you continued to follow ,and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you be blessed for blessing me with your follow and encouragements and corrective criticism. Thank You for putting up with me this past five years. And May God continue Blessing you and Yours.

Here is the very first blog post I posted back in December 2008 Titled


Hello world,

we have few days to Christmas, are you done with your shopping ? Are you happy about the gifts that you have bought? is your tree up and decorated? have you been humming the holiday tunes? Is your spirit lifted up high?

If your answer is yes to all or even one of the above questions, I want you to take trip to downtown LA or in that matter any low income area in your town or city; you will be definitely surprise to see how blessed you are.

yesterday through our church “Liberty Temple”, and with our pastor Dan Maynard and his wife Debbie leading  we went down town and handed out about 100+ care packages to the homeless, Yeah homeless, the invisible people that most choose not to see. It was not much but to them it was allot. I’m still shaken about the way some of us live, if one can call it a living!

Well just wanted to share it with you. Merry Christmas.


16 thoughts on “200!

    1. Dear Anna,
      I am so blessed to have you reading my posts. thank you so much and May God continue His blessings upon you and yours.


      1. What you are doing is JUST so fantastic and great that needs total dedication and Love, and I mean Godly LOVE, which only God CAN PROVID. And guess what YOU are(all of you) Doing a great Job, NO An Awesome Job. God Bless YOU all.


  1. While I have only known you a few years my friend, you and your family have made a big impact on me and I am so glad to be one of your followers. God bless you!


    1. Dear, Dear Patricia,
      You are Gods send; I am truly blessed and honored to know you and above all call you my friend. Thank you for being Gods instrument in our lives.


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