My Son The Film Maker!

think stencil art & graffiti cat
think stencil art & graffiti cat (Photo credit:

My Son Evon 19, is a film maker! Here is his latest script for the short film he is making. He wrote the script.

Subject: Dialogue for film in production

By E.A. H

Being shown in local theatres in November, 2013.


Science has yet to discover the cause of a broken heart,

Emotions,  incredibly  strong, and yet so powerless when contrasted against the power of thought.
And even so, conversely, thought is a mere pebble,  on a cobblestone laid road of emotion
As one walks down this road, laiden   by emotionless scientists, and heartbroken poets,
We can faintly see the fragility of it all:
Emotion without thought is comparable to a house on fire;
Within, flames refine, and seal the golden hinges of the doors which hold the answers sought out, why? Whom? When?
While  prying at the handles, avoiding and fighting the flames with anger and alcohol appearing as a ghost, a solution once seen yet vanished, one inevitably gets consumed by the burning flames of desire. Unbeknownst even to oneself that the flames have consumed thee.
One needs balance.
Yet, before one enters the house, a thought of rationality freezes you to the effects of gravity, as if your feet were suddenly made of lead. Assessment and rationale flood the house like a rushing tide, calming the flames of impulsivity and  disaster.
Gently turning the golden knob of the house, entering into a marble white hallway filled with closed doors appear before you as if it were the hall of the Great King.
The door swings open as you see that you have a choice.
The choice to do what is right with the world, or right within oneself.
Everything and nothing is personal.
As you have a few rational thoughts to apply gently to the burning desires of emotion, the house disappears. as you shut the door with the golden hinges, never seared but refined into beautiful reasoning.
This is the artist’s way of telling you that balance is the quintessential aspect of this vivid portrayal of the heart and mind.
as you see this beautiful picture, you realize that the future is a gift, even though this is the present.
Within reason, you comprehend that the house was made of marble after all, impenetrable to flames, a mere allusion to the truth – that all you need is a bit of balance.
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