Its all started with the following picture I took  back in October:

The Photo was taken in San Fernando RD, California. what do you think it look like
The Photo was taken in San Fernando RD, California. what do you think it look like

About four weeks ago I took the 2nd picture and what that came after for about last month I have been taking pictures from the sky above with  my cell phone . all the pictures posted in this blog are taken by my android.


Than came the followings …….

Breath takerIMG_20130215_110421

IMG_20130221_135526 IMG_20130221_135558 IMG_20130221_135641 IMG_20130221_135728 IMG_20130221_135734 IMG_20130221_135743 IMG_20130221_135840 IMG_20130221_135853 IMG_20130221_140455

Here comes the breath taker….

IMG_20130219_074740 IMG_20130219_074749 IMG_20130219_074759 IMG_20130219_074815 IMG_20130219_074824 IMG_20130219_074837 IMG_20130219_074843 IMG_20130219_074854 IMG_20130219_074920 IMG_20130219_074929 IMG_20130219_074934 IMG_20130219_074949 IMG_20130219_075120 IMG_20130219_075811 IMG_20130219_075818 IMG_20130219_075846 IMG_20130219_075855 IMG_20130219_075900 IMG_20130219_075906 IMG_20130219_075926 IMG_20130219_075936 IMG_20130219_080142 IMG_20130219_080154


8 thoughts on “Clouds………

  1. I wish you could tell us what you see and where to look… or you could email it to me if you don’t want people to know b/c you want them to find on their own. I can only see something in the first picture and pic 14/15. But not because it’s not necessarily there..but because I stink at stuff like this! LOL


  2. Now in pics 14 and 15 of your last group…the breathtakers..I can see a face of a man in the right half looking down .. face down … on the earth below. Do you see it?


      1. So is that one the one you were trying to show everyone? Or was the one I saw new to you? I’m assuming, you already saw that pics 14 and 15…


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