Great Suggestion, God Bless you🙂

Short Little Rebel

A friend recently thrilled me by telling me she wanted to buy a Bible and read it!  She asked for a suggestion on a version and a reading plan.  I gave her the following answer which I also wish to share with you.  God Bless you and open your mind to His understanding.  Not all are so favored by God.  But those who seek, will find.  Those who thirst for God’s word will understand it.  Pray for wisdom and pray for guidance each time you open your Bible.  You will never be the same again.  The Bible is the most fascinating narrative on the beginning of mankind and our relationship first with God and then with Jesus.  (ie, the Old Testament vs. the New Testament).  The Old Testament foretold of Jesus’ coming and the New Testament shows how Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection were the FULFILLMENT of the Old Testament.  Once…

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