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What is this in your underwear?

My wife was reading some post on Facebook when she came across one from a friend about a toy made by a company PlayMobilScancalled PlayMobil.  The company is a German based toy producer and they have rolled out a few very scary items.  Welcome to 1984, the pre-school edition. Available at

I really do not need to add much to this post.   Even the people that have reviewed the product on Amazon site seem to see the facts.   If you have a mind for Freedom you can see that this is a sinister tool produced to nudge our children into excepting full control of their lives by bureaucrats that are both nameless and faceless to them.   A full sacrifice of our 4th amendment rights has taken place under the name of “security theater”.PlayMobil_Raitings

PlayMobil_Junk PlayMobilProne

And just in case your kids don’t feel…

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