Obstructionists Must Yield so President Obama Doesn’t Eat First Dog Bo.


Unless obstructionists agree to raise taxes on the filthy rich and give President Obama authority to increase the debt ceiling unilaterally,
He and his family will have to eat First Dog Bo.

Not even House Speaker Boehner’s tears had persuaded enough Obstructionists to free the middle class. President Obama continued to insist that slightly higher taxes on the filthy rich were mathematically necessary, that without them his hands would be tied even to the point that he might be unable to send more fighter jets to the democratically elected freedom loving Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and that all Obstructionist opposition is “just extremist politics.”

Recognizing that Obstructionist mendacity on this crucial issue is the most serious threat ever to face his historic administration, his people and indeed his entire nation, President Obama resolved to simplify matters so that even the little children can understand the situation and instruct their parents…

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