Seeing Dad in the Mirror


Resting in His Grace

One of the many things that brings great pleasure in my life is when someone recognizes the resemblance between my son and me. I guess it’s just a father thing, but it gives me a good feeling to know that my son can be recognized as my son by merely looking at him. Of course, some would argue that’s not necessarily a good thing for him.

fath-n-sonThe Bible tells us that God’s children also have recognizable traits and features. Those who have experienced the new birth in Jesus Christ will demonstrate their relationship with the Heavenly Father by resembling Him.

How do we ‘know’ we’ve experienced the ‘new birth’ in Christ Jesus? We do this by allowing the Holy Spirit to give us assurance through daily growing to look more and more like Jesus, who is the perfect image of His Father.

John penned his first letter to believers with…

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