The Call To America…?


6 thoughts on “The Call To America…?

  1. I know it is supposed to be a joke…but right now…is too isn’t funny…because we need exactly that. The pain is still to fresh.


    1. It really isn’t a joke. It’s a sad parody on our situation. Like you see in the newspaper editorials. It’s actually a serious statement upaces.


            1. We must remember not to be upset. As Christians, we must look to God for our leadership…NOT a man. God is ultimately in control..not a man. It does not matter who won the election. Reagan could be raised from the dead and come lead our country again (that would be awesome! lol!) But, it would not matter. God is in control. God places the leaders where the says so in the Bible. I am not an obama followers..however, God has him there, I believe, to fulfill prophecy. Friend, we are in the days of Revelation. Focus now on prayer, getting your household in order, serving God with your whole heart, and turning form any sin in your life. Get you and your family close…the time is short! God’s judgment is upon the world..unfortunately, we are going to be ‘exposed’ to some of it… Just remember, no matter who sits in a is God who decides. Obama is just a puppet…a face. Things would get worse no matter who was chosen because of the days we are living it. We must remember too, that it was God who ‘hardened’ Pharoahs heart to prove a show everyone that He was God. Yes, God hardened his heart to show the people that He was in control. See, God can do this with people like Obama as well. Just pray and draw near to God, and He will draw near to you! God bless u.


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