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Lyn Leahz


This is an email message from my mother.  I have removed some information due to privacy.  Thank you.

I need you to pray about a friend of mine who needs to be lifted up in prayer. Her name is Cindy XXXXXX, and she has been undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. Today, her doctors have given up hope for her, stopped all treatment, & have given her a death sentence of 2 to 3 months. She goes to our church, and lives up in XXX. This is urgent, as you can see. Thanks very much. Any other friends who you know who are prayer warriors, please notify them, as well.

Love, Mommy




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12 thoughts on “PRAYER REQUEST

      1. Likewise to you in-kind. 🙂
        It’s a small enough thing, and even if it only gives her a small bright moment, then it was well worth an effort 1000 times more strenuous than what was needed.
        She might be facing her end, but I can further hope and call for the favor from those above that her passing is as gentle on her and her family as it can possibly be.


  1. Can you please send me an” email” with her last name and city so I can say a Prayer for her and visualize the area of the Country to make it more real for me, please. I do want to say a prayer.
    If not, I understand.


    1. My friend i do not know the name or the place nor the person, All i know is a prayer request was put out through a fellow Blogger “Lyn Lea” With a 1st name and the prayer went out. God knows the 1st and the last name of all, do not let titles hinder you and keep you from praying for this girl….


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