The Crown!

The Photo was taken in San Fernando RD, California. What do you think it looks like?

9 thoughts on “The Crown!

  1. The body of the dove is His nose..the wings are his cheeks,,,the tail of the dove would be where his mouth is between the mustache and beard…do u see it now? It is more clear than the dove!


    1. I see what you’re seeing…but lean back and look at the dark around the dove and look up right before the crown…you can see the nose, the eye, the cheekbone, etc clearly…and then there is light radiating all around the face. The crown comes down to right above the left eye (our right) and covers the right eye (our left). Try to see it..I want u to see it! 😉 All of my friends and family I’ve sent it to see the face clearly. That one eye is crystal clear!


  2. If I lean back and look, it looks like a bearded face, the left eye showing…with a huge crown..the crown is a bit bigger than the head. The face has defined cheekbones and a nose..but the eye is very, very defined and clear…


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