God Owns My Business

Cover of "Today God Is First"
Cover of Today God Is First

God Owns My Business
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman
Tuesday, October 09 2012

“So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? (Luke 16:11).

Although he was an innovator in the reclamation of silver in the photographic process, Stanley Tam of Lima, Ohio, is best known for his commitment to Jesus Christ. A large sign adorning the home of United States Plastic Corporation proclaims “Christ Is the Answer,” and Tam’s widely read book, God Owns My Business, describes how he arrived at the conviction that he should legally make God the literal owner of his business.

Tam, who has traveled throughout the country and world to testify about his Christian faith, is one who is willing to “put his money where his mouth is.” Although his business success could have made him a millionaire many times over, he and his wife, Juanita, draw only modest salaries from U.S. Plastics. All profits are channeled through the Stanita Foundation, with those funds designated for a variety of Christian ministries, primarily overseas missions.

In the fall of 1954, Tam was speaking at a revival meeting in Medellin, Colombia when God confronted him in a supernatural way. God let him know He wanted him to turn the business over to Him completely and become His employee. So, on January 15, 1955, Stanley Tam ceased being a stockholder in either of his companies, States Smelting and Refining Corporation or United States Plastic Corporation.

In order to do this God had to deal with one area in his life. “I have always enjoyed making money, and God knew that. Had He left me undisturbed in this area, I could have become a proud, materialistic, self-centered spiritual misfit. In asking of me the submission of the greatest drive of my life, He removed a blighting influence and replaced it with an inner peace and satisfaction such as I could never have known otherwise.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a part-time Christian; we are all in full-time ministry. We each need to ask God to take our vocation and make it a ministry. And if we ask Him, He will do it.”*

Does God own your business or your work life? If not, why not make that decision today and let Him use your work life for His glory.

*Adapted from “The Complete Christian Businessman” an interview with Stanley Tam Wolgemuth & Hyatt, Publishers, Inc.

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One thought on “God Owns My Business

  1. Not everyone will believe me; and that is okay.
    I DID do as my parents asked me to do…what was expected of me. I became a Legal Secretary and …hmmm…I did just “okay.” I was NOT the best. I was adequate. It was VERY hard for me and it didn’t feel natural at all. You’ve been in jobs like that, I am sure.

    I was surprised (and my parents at the time were shocked and furious) that my success was in the nightclub business. Allow me to explain why I know God wanted me there.

    The “bottom line” on the books was the “physical evidence” BUT that wasn’t the Blessing that I received and gave to others. I was raised by a Minister; and his father before him…so I think you can understand why they were so opposed. However, I HAD to get a job because I was raising a child all alone without the grandparents to help out; or the father and child support; and I didn’t believe in Welfare. So? What was I to do?

    A neighbor was a waitress at a club (good grief, I had never even had a drink!). I went to apply; and she “got me the job.” From there, I learned “every” part of the business. I suddenly was in demand all over Dallas because I had put together a “Marketing/Promotional Plan” that could take a club into the “black” within 45 days. I was raised with Christian values and society(?) and my parents couldn’t understand how I could be a good Christian and do that!

    Long story short, my clubs NEVER had violence. No one EVER got a DWI because I took my RESPONSIBILITY seriously to “take care” of these people who came in who were “wounded, hurt, and beat up by life”; and there were many. God Blessed my life and those around me who followed me from club to club. I opened my own after managing/promoting and/or owning many clubs. I did VERY well and my daughter and I lived well.

    I also knew when to get out. My daughter turned 14 and her brains fell out (you know what I mean…Lord, I didn’t know If I could make it through her teen years…so FOR HER, I got out of the business to be at home FOR her. We had a hard time; and my financial life was no longer blessed but I was home with my child.

    We all KNOW when we are blessed. The knowledge seems to flow in. Opportunities you never dreamed of or “WILLED FOR YOURSELF” are not the same as when you are living a time of being Blessed. And, I also knew when it was time to get out of the business; and I did.

    Life does flow better when God is with you. Even in the tough times (and we had many)… the answers to issues, problems, complications seem to be there for you when God is in control.

    No one in my business EVER received a DWI; nor were they harmed in any fashion.

    This was JUST my experience…whether you agree or disagree about this specific type of business, I understand…but sometimes, we all have to walk a path that may not feel comfortable; however, when God is with you….you will be fine and even peaceful about your path at that time.

    I later, “willed” myself to get a B.S. In Counseling from U.T. SW Medical and a M.S. in Counseling from Texas A&M at the age of 54. However, because it was not blessed as the path God wanted for me…I was never successful as a counselor because I have no use for people to want to whine, cry and makes excuses vs. taking responsibility for their own lives.
    Therefore, I , for the most part, “WENT BROKE.” lol
    I forced what I THOUGHT GOD would want for me vs. what I wanted.


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