Insiders: Israel Will Attack Iran –

October 9, 2012 | 8:00 p.m.

Two-thirds of National Journal‘s National Security Insiders believe Israel will attack Iran to try to derail its nuclear program, but they are divided over whether military action would take place in the coming months or at a later date.

Speculation abounds over whether the Jewish state may strike, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently called upon the United Nations General Assembly to draw a clear “red line” to stop Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. While President Obama has insisted that no option is off the table to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the administration has so far advocated for a strategy of tougher sanctions and diplomatic pressure.

“If the U.S. strategy in 2013 does not produce noticeable changes in Iran’s behavior,” one Insider said, “then either Israel will convince…

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  1. Well, they ARE trying to do it the “peaceful” way first gong to the UN Gen. Assembly; however, I just don’t know if that will work….they know they may have to resort to protect themselves first — by a FIRST STRIKE.


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