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News for debbie wasserman schultz, vogue

I am extremely pissed off about this….You people will not keep me down with your ass hattery… One day, you will all see me LIVE on the news.  Because people are tired of the bullshit.  And, I wont be afraid of Media Matters. They will not ever shut me up and neither will you pseudo conservative jackasses.

Do you all know why people are chicken-shit to link us?  The truth? Its because white people are oppressed and depressed.  “Conservatives” see our site as being ‘racist’ because we report black on white crimes.  How is reporting a crime, ‘racist?’  Is reporting a white on black crime, racist? Nope, thats heroic.  But, report the thousands of atrocities committed against white people at the hands of bad blacks, DAILY…. is considered ‘racist.’

COWARD is what ‘Conservatives’ are.  Afraid of their own shadow.  Afraid to be…

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