Debate this Mr. Obama!

Did you watch the debate tonight?, Are you Employed right right now? Are you worried about your and yours future? No worriers, vote Obama back for his emperor-ship, Go ahead and vote for him again,,,You deserve him!






5 thoughts on “Debate this Mr. Obama!

  1. Hope I can write without typos, but damn was Mitt Romney on. He was on, knew his platform, elaborated on his platform and more important, was NICE about it. No barbs or jabs or defensive postures; yet he had President Obama on the ropes from the get-go. Then again, I don’t imagine the the President will be so nice the next debate, but this one, if you’re keeping score, clearly went to Mr. Romney.


          1. Someone actually said that Obama won the first debate and their still debating about who won the second. Candy Crowley did a good job of putting her bias in. But we’re ready for the 3rd and I think if the debates are about EDUCATION of the public, it’s a clear GOP sweep Eye rolling,, laughing, body language belie the facts that Obama and Biden are no more than suits.


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