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Please Note: I edited here and removed certain parts of this ‘part’ because some things would give away the story! But please enjoy a part that is toward the end of Book Three of my Trilogy, Eternal Soul Series, Soul Savior. I thought you might enjoy my rendition of Jesus coming to defeat the enemy! Be aware also; although this seems like the very end of the book, it is not. There is more after this. Also, as a side note, this is in the rough–it’s unedited.

IT IS DONE!©2013 Lyn Leahz

All of a sudden a loud voice pierced the silence, “It is done!” The heavens parted open with a thunderous roar when an enormous white horse with a man having the appearance of an authoritative warrior seated upon it emerged from the clouds.

Voices in the heavens shook the earth with a mighty rumble as they called…

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  1. Amen! Satan getting what’s coming is VERY AWESOME! I can’t wait for that day, can you? Hey, thanks again….and God bless you for all you do for our Lord by informing the public of what is going on around the world! It’s very hard work, and i know, because I post news stuff too… God bless you!


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