Do not go near this Corn product or what ever it is..

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Wouldn’t it be a shame if your country was the last to do that?

‘A Russian government watchdog agency has called for the suspension of a Monsanto-developed corn after a controversial French study, published last week, said lab rats that ingested the corn developed tumors and died prematurely.

‘The agency, which is known as Rospotrebnadzor, and is the consumer rights arm of the Russian Ministry of Health, said that government scientists have been asked to scrutinize the study. In the meantime imports of the corn, known as NK603, will be banned…’

Homeland Security is Working for Monsanto
When we see photographs of rats grossly deformed by massive tumors after eating genetically engineered corn laced with Roundup, it’s not good news for Monsanto.

People understand instantly in looking at those pathetic rats that organic food is not a niche market or an expensive luxury, but a life or death…

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