Do not throw your pearl to the swine!

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

I am all for helping people who need it.

I repeat: I am all for helping people who need it.


A joy trip to the grocery store  yesterday proved to be an eye opener.

Once I picked up my few necessities, I headed for the one cash register line open.

In front of me was a very pregnant woman, with a young boy in the cart playing on his Nintendo.
She had divided her food up into two different categories. One had 8 gallons of milk and about 5 loaves of bread; the other was toiletries, snacks, and cleaning supplies.

She pulled out two checks; one for food stamps and the other for WIC.

10 minutes into the cashier processing this one customer’s order, another register came open. Of course the line behind me ran.

The one bag guy…

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  1. I am in total agreement. I have seen this with my own eyes!
    There is a family of illegals across the street from me.
    I saw them at the grocery store. They both loaded up their carts with food (upper part and lower part) then went to the check-out stand.
    They came back in to the store and got two more baskets. This time they loaded up both baskets, top and bottom, with cases of beer and wine.

    About a week later, I talked to a social worker in line at the post office. You know, you stand there in line and chit-chat because you are bored. they caught one family of illegals “borrowing” the neighbor’s children to use as their on when they applied for food stamps.
    In other words, this one couple only has two children. They borrow “2” more children from a relative or friend to go to the food stamp office to apply for the first time.
    The next day, their relative (or friend) borrows their children, and the act is repeated.

    This MUST stop. Somehow, the “clerk” (?) at the store … someone needs to report this.
    They do NOT pay any form of property tax, income tax, etc. They will pay sales tax but that is NOT enough. And, a P.S…have you ever seen the children of illegals? They are wearing hand-me-downs or Thrift Store clothes. They are wearing very nice, expensive clothes.

    It irks me that Real Estate Agents, Apartment Mgrs., etc. rent to them (or sell to them) when it IS AGAINST THE LAW…that no one is enforcing!


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